Saturday, 18 June 2016

# Micro Poetry 429

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The trick is to find the Forever in your Memories ..

Freedom of speech : Over Used and Overly Abused

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With the advancement in technology , these days everyone has their own way of expressing their ideologies and political allegiance , however we conveniently forget that we have a moral responsibility as whatever we share on social media has a huge impact on the thoughts of the reader.

Everyone is busy resenting someone or the other for having different opinion .
Instead of showing respect to their thoughts , we see them as a threat . We fail to realize that its just a matter of opinion , nothing personal and are easily offended . Be it a political debate or religion or a fan fight , we follow a concept " if you are not with me then you're against me" .

The whole point of argument is to enlighten the other by showing a different outlook but that doesn't work in reality . But in era of Social Media there is no such thing like Healthy Argument .
Contradicting someone for sharing wrong facts is completely fine. On the other hand pouring bitterness in your response, spreading hate and involving in personal attack just to prove ourselves is abusing the right to freedom of speech.

Yes it's affecting our personal life too. We are easily offended with family and friends over difference in opinion . So Know when and where to draw a line and be a responsible human ..

Friday, 11 December 2015

# Micro Poetry 428

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it's december, wear the fog as dress, bathe in winter sun, sleep in deep forest of memories, it's december..

# Micro Poetry 427

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And on the days she was the sun in his eyes, lights up his life and on some days she was the moon in darkest hour ..

Thursday, 26 November 2015

# Micro Poetry 426

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Some moments never leave you..

# Micro Poetry 425

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It still hurts.. sometimes.. when I think about you..

# Micro Poetry 424

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She is the ache he feels in loneness..


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